•  Bakery Candles
    Our Bakery Candles are carefully and expertly hand-crafted giving them a realistic appearance you will not find anywhere else. We do not use molds for these candles - all cinnamon rolls are hand rolled and pie crusts are formed by hand with attention to detail and quality. Muffins,cakes, and breads are prepared in actual baking pans and finished by hand. A perfect addition to your home decor!

  •  Container Candles
    Only the finest oils and waxes fill our charming country mason jars. These candles are hand-poured  in small batches. They are highly scented giving you a long, clean burn and maximum scent throw. We also design our own nostalgic labels to give the final country touch to these adorable jars.  

  •  Primitive Candles
    Our primitive candles are made in the spirit of days long ago. Each candle is poured by hand, using replica molds from the colonial days. Then I hand dip and roll each one in spices to create a primitive grungy, dirty look. They are primarily for decorative purposes. If you choose to burn them, they MUST be placed in a dish, they will drip because of the spices. Because they are hand made candles (not modified purchased candles), their aroma will fill your space without burning.

  •  Wax Potpourri
    We are pleased to present our Original Gourmet Jelly Bean Wax Potpourri. Do not underestimate the scent throw of these colorful little beans! They are highly scented - just a few of these in your potpourri burner and you will be amazed at the scent throw.

  •  Cafe Mug Candles
    These big mugs are filled with decadent cocoa, spiced mulled cider, or tantalizing cappucino brulee scented wax. They will add a touch of warmth and coziness to any room.

  •  Scent of the Month
    Don't pass up the opportunity for savings with our Scent of the Month! Each month a new scent will be featured at 20% off! This applies to both mason jars and wax potpourri. This is a great way to stock up on your favorite scents, so check this feature regularly.