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APPLES & ROSES: Equal parts Red Apples and Salt Mist Rose

BABY POWDER: Equal parts Salt Mist Rose and Vanilla.

BOUQUET OF FLOWERS: Equal parts Salt Mist Rose, Fresh Lilacs, and Honeysuckle

CANDIED APPLE: Equal parts Red Apples and Cinnamon Red Hots

CHOCOLATE CAKE: Equal parts Equal parts Hot Cocoa and Birthday Cake

CHRISTMAS KITCHEN: 2 part Sugar cookie, 1 part Christmas Past and 1 part Peppermint Cream

DUTCH APPLE CRUNCH: Equal parts Hot Apple Pie and Vanilla Cream

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY: Equal parts Salt Mist Rose and Strawberries & Champagne

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: 2 parts Birthday Cake and 1 part Salt Mist Rose

HONEYDEW PEAR: Equal parts Honeydew Melon and Country Fresh Pears

HONEYSUCKLE ROSE: 3 part Honeysuckle, 1 part Salt Mist Rose

LEATHER & LACE: Equal parts Saddle Shop and Vanilla

LEMON DROP COOKIE: Sugar Cookie and Lemon Pound Cake

LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Equal parts White Musk and Salt Mist Rose

LUSCIOUS VANILLA: Equal parts Vanilla and Sugar Cookie

MANILLA: Equal parts Vanilla and Mulberry

MINT CHOCOLATE: 2 parts Hot Cocoa and 1 Peppermint Cream

PEPPERMINT PINE: Equal parts Peppermint Cream and Christmas Past

SANTA'S WHISKERS: Equal Parts Christmas Past and Sugar Cookie

SNOWFLAKE: 3 parts Sugar Cookie and 1 part Peppermint Cream

SPICY CINNILLA: Equal parts Cinnamon Red Hots and Vanilla

SPRING WEDDING: Equal parts Fresh Lilacs and Vanilla, bit of Salt Mist Rose

STRAWBERRY CRUNCH: Equal parts Strawberries & Cream and Sugar Cookies

SUMMER DELIGHT: Equal parts Coconut Lime Smoothie and Honeydew Melon